About Artisan Group

With a business concept of “a Community where the More You Age, the Happier You Get”, the company is involved in regional and urban development, leading exclusive business forum for the management of global top companies, operating a network of health and food influencers, and providing advisory services. The company contributes to the creation of a “time” and “place” where active seniors can experience happiness.

The business concept is “a Community where the More You Age, the Happier You Get”. Active seniors can keep in touch with society, preserve the history of their lives and the values they have learned, and teach the next generation, while at the same time learning and being taught themselves. Artisan Group will create a community where people can come and go freely, both in real life and online.

Company name: Artisan Group Co., Ltd.

Management team:  Nobuhisa Kishi, CEO
                                    Kiyoshi Tezuka, Vice Chairman & Executive Director
Capital: 59,999,444 yen (including capital reserve)

Address: Minami Azabu 4 chōme 2-27 1F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0047